Maker Spotlight: Vivacious Lathers

redherringjeff   August 24, 2016   Comments Off on Maker Spotlight: Vivacious Lathers

vivacious_lathers_1Art on the Rivers is coming to Frontier Park in historic Saint Charles on August 27. While we’re really excited to be hosting this event in conjunction with the Greenway Network and Race for the Rivers, it’s out makers, artists, and crafters that make the whole thing possible for us. Shows like this give us the opportunity to talk to the public about our individual makers stories, and also to show that there are artists living and working in the community and making a living from making things by hand. We’re thrilled to be working with each of these exciting artists, and look forward to introducing them all to you!

Today, we caught up with Bryan of Vivacious Lathers to chat about his work, being a maker, inspiration, and goals. Join us as we meet our makers!

How did you get into making things?

I used to have extremely dry skin that would become even more irritated after using “Big Brand Name Soaps”. I thought there had to be something better! So I searched high and low for the best ingredients and oils for the skin, and came up with Vivacious Lathers, which is a 100% vegan soap bar that softens and nourishes the skin. The soap is completely plant-based, which includes the base oils, the essential oils, and even the colorants are plant-based! Since using Vivacious Lathers, I no longer have dry, itchy skin, and wanted to share this great product with the world!

Where does your making happen?

Right now, everything is made at home in the spare bedroom.

What inspires you?

The most inspiring part of making plant-based soaps is when customers tell me how great the soaps are for their skin! It makes me feel good that I can offer them a product that actually helps soothe and nourish their skin!

Why handmade?

Their is a lot of love that goes into every batch of soap, as well as in all of our other products, that you just can’t get from chemical laden, commercial soaps.

Vivacious Lathers Table Set Up

Are there any materials that you have used in your products that you think may be unexpected?

All of the materials used are plant-based! The funnest parts of each soap is, of course, the essential oils and the colors we use because everyone loves to smell and look at the soaps. And by using essential oils and plant-based colorants, we are removing all of those nasty chemicals known as fragrance oils and synthetic colorants. Also, all of our packing is compostable, recyclable, or reusable!

What personality trait do you possess that you think helps you the most as a professional crafter?

I think I’m a pretty open-minded person and a good listener. I make the soaps and products that my customers want.

What do you think differentiates crafting from other types of business?

You definitely get a higher quality product with greater attention to detail when you buy handcrafted items.

Vivacious Lathers Natural, Plant-Based Soap Bars

What do you enjoy most about selling your handmade goods?

It makes me happy knowing that my products are great for my customer’s skin. They are also great for the environment too because we strive to use minimal packing, and the packing we do use is compostable, recyclable, or reusable.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10?

Spreading the lathers to more people!

You can see more of Bryan’s amazing work in his online shop at or stop by and talk her in person at Art on the Rivers on August 27!