Maker Spotlight: Arch Reactor

redherringjeff   March 12, 2016   Comments Off on Maker Spotlight: Arch Reactor

Arch ReactorThe Green With Indie Craft Show is Today, and we’re so excited to be showcasing some of the amazing talent in the Saint Louis area this weekend! The Saint Louis Craft Mafia has generously given us a whole wall of the Grant Gym at Webster University to share with local makers and to promote the upcoming Bright Ideas Expo featuring the Craft Monster Market at the Saint Louis Science Center this summer.

Our maker community isn’t made up of just individuals, there also a huge number of creative organizations for pretty much any creative endeavor one might have. Arch Reactor is a private and secure work space where creativity and ingenuity may reach critical levels. Founded in 2009 a local pizza joint by friends who liked technology, programming, making, and pizza, Arch Reactor’s growing membership continues to bring new skills, projects, equipment, and people to one place. Today we caught up with member Rosanna Speller to ask about being a maker, the space, and what inspires her. For more information on Arch Reactor, be sure to check out their Website at:

Tell us about your first “Maker Moment”

I don’t know . . . for as long as I can remember.

Where does your making happen?

My work space is Arch Reactor. It is an awesome work space because there are so many kinds of tools and fellow makers there. I get to use all these tools and meet and learn from lots of people for a membership price which is less than what I’d probably have to pay to rent an empty garage somewhere.

I like to use the wood workshop the most, but I also have found that a lot of my projects have been improved by using the laser cutter we have at Arch Reactor. I think my projects have also improved a lot with support from my fellow members who have taught me new things, like how to operate the laser cutter.

What inspires you?

I like to make because it is fun. I make instruments. Sometimes I think “I wish I could play an instrument that was like this . . .” but the first step is actually having the instrument, and so I have to make it so I can learn to play it.