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So You Want To Do A Demo…

Bill Bubenik, the simpleton behind West Park Creative, has been making letterpress stationery for years. His line of sweetly offensive letterpress greeting cards say what you really want to, but probably couldn’t get away with. Like “So… 29 again, huh?” But somehow, when it’s on a card, all bets are off and you can say whatever you want. We’re glad… Read more »

Why We Make Things

redherringjeff   February 10, 2016   Comments Off on Why We Make Things

Being a Craft Monster, I know quite a few creative people from many different walks of life. Making things brings us together as a community, but we all have different reasons for doing it. Talking to our community about it, we hear things like “to keep my hands busy”, “Because I literally wasn’t good at anything else”, or “Because the… Read more »