Bright Ideas Expo

BI_Color_LogoIn 2013, the Saint Louis Science Center brought together a group of representatives from various Saint Louis creative organizations in order to foster collaboration and a greater understanding of the creative process from the viewpoint of differing disciplines. The first major collaboration for the newly formed Active Creativity Partners was the Bright Ideas Expo, an event where the public was invited to engage with innovative minds in our community and get an inside look at the creative process.

The creative community was invited to share table top presentations, workshops, and performances. The mission of the event was to engage the community and get participants involved in the creative process. Each presenter supported that mission by capturing and conveying the creative process and empowering the audience by offering skills and resources to allow them to continue to be involved.

Becoming a Craft Monster

Craft Monster at the Bright Ideas ExpoNow in it’s third year, the Bright Ideas Expo has agreed to team up with the Saint Louis Craft Mafia to to bring you something that is part craft show, part educational experience, and part showcase of the amazing creative talent in the Saint Louis area. Inspired by nontraditional, community driven events, Craft Monster was born of a desire to be something bigger than a craft show, to be something legendary, seen out of the corner of the eye but which sticks with witnesses for the rest of their lives.

A Nontraditional Craft Show

Most craft shows are set up in a grid with aisles that attendees walk up and down, market style. We’re so fortunate to have the entire Science Center as our playground as it allows us to spread out and organize our makers into pods of presenters, crafters, makers, and…kids? That’s right, most pods will have a local crafter selling their product, along side a table-top demo by one of Saint Louis’ Active Creativity Partners. Rounding out the pod will be one of the next generation of crafters and makers, showcasing their skills and creativity while learning from experienced craft veterans. All the pods will be tied together with a map to their locations so you can go on a quest to find all the elusive craft monsters.